How to Post a FREE ad | Classifiedads4free

Article written by: Lawrence

Posting a free ad on Classifiedads4free is easy and hassle free. Follow the steps below to add your first free ad.

Purpose: Add options to products

Step 1: Add Name and Email for Non-registered Users: If you are not a user, you will need to enter a Name and Email in order for people to contact you via ad. If you have an account, you can login by clicking on the login button above.

Alternatively, you can register for your free account here

Step 2: Add Categories: Select the appropriate category from the list for your ad

Step 3: Selecting Sub-Categories: Depending on the category selected, there may be sub-categories for selection. Select the appropriate sub-categories.

Step 4: Selecting Country: Select a country for your ad. You should select countries based on your locality offered. Eg: If you sell an item to the world, select worldwide as your country options. If you sell only to the US, select United States as your country.

Step 5: Adding basic information: Add title, description and keywords for your ads

Step 6: Uploading images: Add images for ad. Click on the box or simply drop images into the box to upload. Then select an image for feature.